Le Chevalier Renard 1&2- The Fox Knight 1&2

Plongez dans les récits épiques de la série 'Le Chevalier Renard', désormais disponibles en français avec les deux volumes 1 & 2. Suivez le courageux jeune renard Robert et son fidèle compagnon Timo dans leurs voyages extraordinaires. Dans le premier tome, assistez à leur rencontre avec la mystérieuse Princesse Louise et le début d'une aventure inoubliable pleine de défis et de révélations sur l'amitié et le courage. La suite, 'Robert et la Porte du Monde des Dragons', les entraîne plus loin dans un récit mystérieux où un ancien livre révèle des secrets qui pourraient changer leur monde. Ces histoires de bravoure ne sont pas seulement pour les enfants, mais pour tous ceux qui chérissent l'esprit d'aventure et la magie d'une histoire bien racontée. Disponibles dès maintenant sur toutes les plateformes en ligne populaires."

Immerse yourself in the epic tales of 'The Fox Knight' series, now available in French with both volumes 1 & 2. Follow the brave young fox Robert and his loyal companion Timo on their extraordinary journeys. In the first installment, witness their encounter with the enigmatic Princess Louise and the beginning of an unforgettable adventure filled with challenges and revelations about friendship and courage. The sequel, 'Robert and the Gateway to the Dragon World', takes them further into a mysterious narrative where an ancient book leads to secrets that could alter their world. These stories of valor are not just for children but for anyone who cherishes the spirit of adventure and the magic of a well-spun tale. Available now on all popular online platforms.
Couverture de 'Le Chevalier Renard 1' montrant Robert le renard en armure de chevalier, prêt pour l'aventure, livre d'aventure pour enfants, disponible en français
Illustration de 'Le Chevalier Renard 2' avec Robert et Timo devant le portail mystique menant au Monde des Dragons, suite du best-seller pour jeunes lecteurs, disponible en français
the fox knight von susannatinga und drexler consulting nun auch für deutschland österreich und die schweiz in ausgesuchten kinderbuch handel erhältlich
the fox knight in ahamaric, naw available in ethiopia
The Fox Knight vol2 Robert and the Gateway to the Dragon World

International Available!!!

Robert and the Gateway to the Dragon World!!!!!!!

Recently released and soon to be available in specialty stores, Susanna Tinga's captivating sequel in "Robert and the Gateway to the Dragon World" is more than just a story; it's a gateway to the grandest adventure Robert and Timo have ever embarked upon.

In this volume, our heroes set forth on an epic quest that leads them to the legendary Dragon Realm. Young readers are promised a journey woven with humor, suspense, and secrets. Tinga's vivid storytelling brings the dragons almost palpably off the pages, while the laughter of fairies and the hammering of dwarves in their subterranean cities echo through the narrative.

This continuation celebrates the spirit of youth and the timeless power of friendship. With their steadfast camaraderie, Robert and Timo prove that true heroism resides in all of us, regardless of size or age.

Drexler Consulting is proud to unveil this literary gem. "Robert and the Gateway to the Dragon World" is not just a highlight on the bookshelf but also a window into a world where young readers can discover their own strength and the magic of togetherness.

Join us as we turn the pages and follow Robert and Timo into a world crafted with such care and brilliance by Susanna Tinga that it stands as a shining example of children's literature, paving the way for the adventures that will surely follow in this remarkable saga.

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child book the knight fox an adventure thats never end
"The Fox Knight" by Susanna Tinga

In a distant kingdom where animals speak and adventures lurk around every corner, lives Robert, a brave young fox. Ever since he was a cub, he dreamt of becoming a knight, standing up for justice, and protecting his friends. However, the life of an ordinary fox is far from the shining armors and heroic deeds he always imagined.

That all changes when he encounters Princess Louise. After Robert rescues her from a perilous situation, an adventure they'll never forget begins for both of them. Together, they face challenges, overcome obstacles, and discover the true values of friendship and courage.

"The Fox Knight" is not just an exciting adventure book for children aged 8-12, but also an encouragement. With its well-chosen length, it motivates young readers to read a book from start to finish, experiencing the satisfying feeling of following a story to its grand happy ending.

Let Susanna Tinga transport you to a world where dreams can come true, and where everyone, no matter how big or small, can be the hero of their own tale.

The Fox Knight Vol 1 Trailer

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Susanna Tinga The Fox Knight Susanna Tinga The Fox knight auf amazon

Susanna Tinga's "The Fox Knight" - A Children's Adventure Novel Captivating the World

The world of children's literature has a new shining star - Susanna Tinga's "The Fox Knight". This children's adventure novel has already enchanted many young readers and promises to become a staple in children's bookshelves worldwide. Both print editions and e-books are available globally, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

A special highlight is the fact that "The Fox Knight" is already available in three languages: English, German, and Kiswahili. This underscores the universal appeal of the book and its ability to captivate children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. And this is just the beginning - more language editions are in the pipeline, ensuring that even more children around the world can dive into this mesmerizing adventure.

"The Fox Knight" transports young readers into a realm of adventure, magic, and courage. It's a book that inspires children to chase their dreams and believe in themselves. And while "The Fox Knight" hasn't made it to the bestseller lists yet, many believe it's only a matter of time. The potential for this children's adventure novel to become a bestseller is immense.

Yet, Susanna Tinga isn't resting on her laurels. Sources report that she's already hard at work on the second installment of "The Fox Knight". This has only heightened the anticipation and curiosity among her young fans. What new adventures await the characters? What secrets will be unveiled?

It's undeniable that Susanna Tinga has a unique gift for igniting children's imaginations and transporting them to a world filled with wonder and discovery. As we eagerly await the next installment, we can be certain that "The Fox Knight" will continue to win over many more hearts.


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