The Social Playbook: 

The Key to Success in Modern Football
In the world of professional football, the ability to effectively present oneself on social media has become as crucial as talent on the field. "The Social Playbook: Mastering Social Media for Young Footballers," published by Drexler Consulting, is the essential eBook that shows young football talents how to master this new digital landscape.
Why is this eBook so important? The careers of football icons Top Stars  prove that a strong online presence is vital. One, with advertising revenues of $75 million in 2020, and 2nd, with 607 million followers, have not only built their brands through their social media but also unlocked significant sources of income.
"The Social Playbook" is more than just a guide. It provides a comprehensive strategy, covering everything from the basics of social media presence to advanced techniques for brand building. This eBook teaches how to create an authentic online persona, nurture one's fan base, and use social media as a platform for career growth.
By applying the strategies in this eBook, young footballers can increase their visibility, forge valuable connections, and advance their careers both on and off the field. To learn more about "The Social Playbook" and how it can pave the way for a successful football career. Klick on Learn More


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Drexler Consulting Lifechanger  

"Drexler Lifechanger Courses: Your Key to International Success
In today's globalized work environment, the application process abroad, especially in Germany, can often be challenging. The Drexler Lifechanger Courses provide you with specialized guides that navigate you through the intricacies of the German application procedure. With valuable tips and detailed instructions, you are well-equipped to maximize your chances of a successful application and realize your professional dreams overseas."

              Brand New Offering:
 Brand New Offering: 'Student Handbook for Germany' - Your Gateway to Academic Success in Europe

Welcome to Drexler Consulting, your navigator to a successful academic journey in Germany. We are excited to introduce our latest resource: the 'Student Handbook for Germany'. This comprehensive guide is tailored specifically for Kenyan and African students aspiring to broaden their academic horizons in Europe.

A Window to New Opportunities
Germany is renowned not just for its excellent educational landscape but also for its spirit of innovation and cultural diversity. Our 'Student Handbook for Germany' opens the door to these opportunities, providing you with all the information you need to navigate from application to graduation successfully.

Tailored to Your Needs
The handbook is the culmination of extensive research and is crafted with the specific challenges and opportunities faced by students from Kenya and other African countries in mind. It is an indispensable guide for every step of your academic journey.

From Application to Career Entry
The 'Student Handbook for Germany' covers all the essential topics:

Course Selection: Find the degree program that aligns with your goals.
Funding: Discover avenues for financing your studies.
Cultural Integration: Learn how to adapt quickly and effectively to life in Germany.
Networking: Understand how to build a professional network during your studies.
Together Towards Success
Our handbook is more than just a source of information – it's the beginning of a community that supports you on your path. Join our network and seize the opportunity to connect with peers and learn from them.

Your Dream of Studying in Europe
With Drexler Consulting's 'Student Handbook for Germany', you are well-prepared for your studies in Germany. We are committed to providing you with the best resources and support to help you achieve your academic aspirations.

Discover our handbook and start your journey towards a successful academic future. Your path to becoming a world-changer starts right here with us!

Drexler Consulting: The Lifechanger in Education:

In a world where information is readily available and the pace at which we need to learn and adapt is ever-increasing, having the right educational resources at hand is paramount. Enter Drexler Consulting, a company specialized in offering Lifechanger courses that can make a difference in your professional and personal growth.

Our primary focus at Drexler Consulting is to provide courses that are not only future-relevant but also easy to understand and navigate. We recognize that not everyone has the time or resources to sift through complex materials or spend hours searching for the right information. That's why we've designed our courses to get straight to the point, offering you precisely what you need without the unnecessary fluff.

Imagine being able to save hours, days, or even weeks of research time by simply enrolling in one of our courses. Instead of wading through countless websites, books, and articles to figure out how to apply correctly or what skills are in demand in your industry, we provide all that information in a concise and comprehensible manner. As the saying goes, "time is money," and at Drexler Consulting, we help you save both.

A prime example is the job application process. Many individuals spend hours figuring out where and how to apply. With our courses, you can use that time to actually write applications and prepare for interviews instead. Why spend 8 hours researching how and where to apply when you could use that time to actually draft 8 hours' worth of applications?

At Drexler Consulting, it's not just about giving you information. It's about giving you the right information, in the right format, at the right time. It's about ensuring that you feel supported and confident at every step of your learning journey.

So, relax, sit back, and let us do the heavy lifting for you. With our courses, you'll get all the relevant information you need to succeed in your career and life. Take advantage of our offerings and launch into a new professional and personal future. 

Our lifechanger Handbooks courses open doors!

Our current focus is particularly geared towards assisting Kenyans in navigating and securing their place in the European job market. We recognize the unique challenges faced by Kenyans aspiring to work in Europe, and our courses are tailored to address these specific needs, providing insights, strategies, and guidance to make the transition smoother.

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