Release " Echo of Spirit" by M.D.Johnson

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Snake Riders

Video DescDive into the fascinating world of the Gladius crew with our latest video: "Encounters with the Crew of the Gladius: At the Heart of the Snake Riders Saga." We invite you to meet the fearless heroes behind the interstellar adventures of M.D. Johnson's "Snake Riders."

Aboard the Gladius, we meet Zoe, the tech genius who, as an engineer, masterfully solves every technical puzzle. Her expertise and skills are the backbone of the missions that take the crew to the farthest corners of the universe. Finn, the spy, is a master of disguise and deception, whose life revolves around concealing the truth. His dexterity in handling delicate situations makes him an indispensable member of the crew.

Milu Blue, the barbaric brute, may not be the sharpest, but his strength in battle is unmatched. In combat, everyone prefers to be "far behind him," a testament to his daunting presence on the battlefield. And finally, Captain Frog, the fearless and charismatic leader of the Gladius. His ability to keep a cool head in tense situations inspires and guides his crew through the darkest corners of the cosmos.

In this video, you'll get an exclusive insight into the challenges they overcome, the bonds they form, and the enemies they combat in their quest for the lost artifacts that could change the fate of the universe. This video is more than an introduction; it's an invitation to join the crew on their epic saga, where loyalty, courage, and the thirst for adventure are the keys to survival.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the adventure that's capturing the hearts of science fiction fans worldwide. "Encounters with the Crew of the Gladius: At the Heart of the Snake Riders Saga" is your ticket to the ultimate space adventure. Join us on this journey!ription

VideIn "The Galactic Chronicles of the Snake Riders," we chart the course of the Gladius, a vessel helmed by the audacious Captain Frog, navigating the starry expanse on missions that teeter on the brink of the lawful and the not-so-much. A cryptic message propels them into a quest unlike any before: the retrieval of the Kletakanian Kastral sword, an object steeped in cultural lore and of untold worth.

The team, an assembly of exceptional talents including Zoe, the engineering savant; Milo, the indefatigable fighter; and Finn, the enigmatic intelligence operative, delves into an odyssey across the stars. Their journey is fraught with encounters with nefarious traders and formidable buccaneers, each desiring the prized Kastral sword for their own ends.

This narrative weaves a grand saga celebrating the essence of bravery, the value of honor, and the enduring spirit of unity that shines brightest against the backdrop of the cosmos's vast, shadowy expanses.

Drexler Consulting is excited to unveil this mesmerizing interstellar narrative to our young and adult readers alike, marking a stellar addition to our collection. We are honored to introduce M.D. Johnsen into our circle of storytellers, who, with "The Galactic Chronicles of the Snake Riders," embarks on a spacefaring epic that reaffirms the timeless appeal of the science fiction genre for youthful audiences. This tale escorts readers through an unforgettable voyage, illuminating the virtues of valor, the bonds of friendship, and an insatiable quest for enlightenment. With its engaging cast and a plot rich with intrigue and scientific marvels, this story melds riveting adventure with a motivational undertone.

M.D. Johnsen reinvigorates the sphere of youth and young adult fiction, inviting the audience on an indelible expedition with his vibrant storytelling. Every page brims with moments of discovery and awe, inspiring the younger generation to gaze beyond the known and venture into the boundless potentials awaiting in the future.

Snake Riders in Deutsch und Englisch

Ab Februar ist 'The Stoneage Saga' auf Deutsch erhältlich. Wir freuen uns, dass unsere Geschichte rund um das junge Steinzeitmädchen Tuk Tuk nun auch auf dem deutschsprachigen Markt verfügbar ist. Begleiten Sie Tuk Tuk auf der Suche nach einem Artefakt, das nicht nur ihre Vergangenheit in Frage stellt, sondern auch junge Leser zum Träumen anregen wird.

Starting February, 'The Stone Age Saga' will be available in German. We are excited to announce that our story about the young Stone Age girl Tuk Tuk is now reaching the German-speaking market. Join Tuk Tuk in her quest for an artifact that will challenge her past and inspire young readers to dream.

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We are thrilled to announce that Susanna Tinga's captivating Stone Age Saga is now available in Spanish and French! This exciting journey back in time has already captured hearts in its original language, and now, even more readers can delve into the fascinating world of the Stone Age.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the translators whose dedicated work has made it possible to share this story across language barriers. Your talent and passion have enabled readers around the world to immerse themselves in the adventures of Susanna Tinga's saga.

It is our continuous goal to tell stories that connect and inspire. By translating the saga into Spanish and French, we hope to reach an even larger community of readers and bring them the joy and adventure that Susanna Tinga's Stone Age Saga offers.

We are overjoyed and grateful for the tireless efforts of our translation teams and look forward to reaching more readers across the globe. Let's embark on this wonderful journey through time together.

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THe Fox Knight in Amharic

We are on the cusp of reaching a significant milestone in our mission to make the world of literature even more accessible: Soon, all of our books will also be available in Amharic. Leading the way is "The Fox Knight," which is already available globally on all major book platforms, both as an eBook and in print version.

This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting cultural diversity and linguistic inclusion in the literary world. Amharic, as one of the most significant languages in Africa, allows us to reach an entirely new readership and build bridges between different cultures.

"The Fox Knight" narrates the tale of a brave knight in a world filled with adventure and magic, and it's just the beginning of our extensive efforts to make our captivating stories accessible to a global audience. By translating our books into Amharic, we are opening the door to unexplored worlds for a community of readers who may have had limited access to our works until now.

We are proud to have taken this first step towards a more inclusive literary world with "The Fox Knight" and look forward to offering our entire portfolio in Amharic in the near future. Stay tuned for more announcements and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of literature with us, a world without boundaries.

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Stone Age Saga in Deutsch

Ab Februar ist 'The Stoneage Saga' auf Deutsch erhältlich. Wir freuen uns, dass unsere Geschichte rund um das junge Steinzeitmädchen Tuk Tuk nun auch auf dem deutschsprachigen Markt verfügbar ist. Begleiten Sie Tuk Tuk auf der Suche nach einem Artefakt, das nicht nur ihre Vergangenheit in Frage stellt, sondern auch junge Leser zum Träumen anregen wird.

Starting February, 'The Stone Age Saga' will be available in German. We are excited to announce that our story about the young Stone Age girl Tuk Tuk is now reaching the German-speaking market. Join Tuk Tuk in her quest for an artifact that will challenge her past and inspire young readers to dream.

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Ideas & PlansLe Chevalier Renard 2

Le Chevalier Renard 2 : Robert et la Porte du Monde des Dragons. Robert découvre un mystérieux vieux livre sur le marché local de l'antiquité et réalise rapidement qu'il s'agit d'un objet exceptionnel. Accompagné de Timo, il part explorer les secrets de ce livre. Disponible dans les librairies internationales et sur

The Fox Knight 2: Robert and the Gateway to the Dragon World. Robert stumbles upon a mystical old book at the local antique market and quickly understands that it's something special. Along with Timo, he sets off to uncover the secrets held within this book. Available in international bookstores and on

Le Chevalier Renard

"Le Chevalier Renard" est désormais disponible en français ! Plongez dans un monde médiéval enchanté d'aventures avec des animaux qui parlent dans le dernier livre pour enfants de Susanna Tinga. Nous sommes ravis de commencer l'année 2024 avec cette histoire captivante qui promet d'enchanter nos jeunes lecteurs.

"The Fox Knight" is now available in French! Dive into the enchanting medieval world of adventure  in Susanna Tinga's latest children's book. We're excited to kick off 2024 with this captivating tale that promises to delight young readers.

Le Chevalier Renard, un livre d'aventure pour enfants par Susanna Tinga, raconte une histoire médiévale peuplée d'animaux parlants.

Naked Aliens Invade Miami! | Top News of the Week

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Artikel by The Silent Strategist

The Stoneage Saga: A Time-Bending Adventure into the Depths of Prehistory

The Stoneage Saga: A Time-Bending Adventure into the Depths of Prehistory

Welcome to our exploration of "The Stoneage Saga," the latest literary masterpiece by the renowned author Susanna Tinga. As we embark on this journey through our website, we invite you to delve into a world where the mysteries of the Stone Age intertwine with the wonders of the dinosaur era. This novel is not just a narrative; it's an odyssey that transcends time and ignites the imagination.

A Glimpse into the Past

"The Stoneage Saga" introduces us to Tuk Tuk, a ten-year-old girl living in the Stone Age. With her vibrant red hair and boundless curiosity, Tuk Tuk's world is one of simplicity and wonder. Her life takes a dramatic turn when an ancient artifact she presents at school mysteriously vanishes. This event sets Tuk Tuk and her friends on an adventure that challenges their wits and courage.

Blending Eras

Tinga's novel is a marvel of historical fiction, seamlessly weaving together the Stone Age and the age of dinosaurs. This bold fusion creates a unique setting that captivates the reader's imagination. The inclusion of dinosaurs in a Stone Age story is a testament to Tinga's creative prowess, offering a fresh perspective on prehistoric life.

Unraveling Mysteries

As the young protagonists venture deeper into their quest, they uncover secrets that hold the key to the missing artifact. Tinga masterfully crafts a story that is not just about discovery but also about learning. The journey is laden with puzzles and enigmas, prompting readers to piece together the clues alongside Tuk Tuk and her friends.

Echoes of Today

"The Stoneage Saga" transcends its historical setting, touching upon themes relevant to our modern world. Environmental stewardship, the impact of humanity on nature, and the importance of knowledge and friendship are woven into the narrative. Tinga’s work is a modern parable, reflecting contemporary concerns through the lens of a prehistoric adventure.

A Vivid Tapestry

Tinga's narrative prowess brings the ancient world to life with rich descriptions and compelling characters. The book is further enhanced by stunning illustrations that provide a visual feast, complementing the vivid storytelling. Every chapter in "The Stoneage Saga" is a journey in itself, transporting readers to a time long gone.

For Readers of All Ages

This novel appeals to a wide audience, from young adventurers to seasoned book lovers. The story's blend of adventure, mystery, and historical intrigue makes it an engaging read for people of all ages. Educators and parents will find "The Stoneage Saga" a valuable tool to introduce young minds to historical concepts and environmental awareness.

Join the Saga

We are excited to offer "The Stoneage Saga" to our readers and invite you to join Tuk Tuk on her extraordinary journey. As you turn each page, prepare to be transported to a world that, though ancient, has much to teach us about our present and future.

Stay tuned to our website for more updates, discussions, and behind-the-scenes content about "The Stoneage Saga." Join our community of readers and explorers as we unravel the mysteries and marvels of Susanna Tinga's incredible creation.

Embark on this Timeless Adventure

"The Stoneage Saga" is more than a book; it's an experience. It's a testament to the power of imagination and the endless possibilities of storytelling. We invite you to immerse yourself in this extraordinary tale and discover the wonders hidden in our ancient past.

The Stone Age Saga - a child adventure book by susanna tinga dinosaurs fantasy adventure book published by drexler consulting

El Caballero Zorro- BOOK LOVERS

Explore the Enchanting Realm of "The Fox Knight: The Adventure Begins" – A Magical Spanish Tale for Children

Ever encountered the spellbinding world of "The Fox Knight: The Adventure Begins"? This Spanish children's book is not only enthralling but also serves as a prime example of the educational and fun nature of modern children's literature.

Within the pages of "The Fox Knight", a courageous and quick-witted fox leads us on an expedition across a kingdom filled with magic. The narrative is a dazzling array of vivid imagery, intriguing characters, and enthralling escapades, transporting young minds to an imaginative realm.

Our hero, the fox, is far from typical. He imparts a vital lesson to children: true bravery manifests in various ways. His cleverness and problem-solving skills in the face of challenges are truly motivational, highlighting the significance of intelligence along with physical prowess.

"The Fox Knight" goes beyond being just an exciting story; it's a source of meaningful lessons on camaraderie, bravery, and the value of being wise. These themes are masterfully integrated into the story, enriching young minds while captivating their imagination.

This book, written in Spanish, is a treasure for linguistic growth, offering immense value to children who are either native Spanish speakers or are learning the language.

In search of a book that educates while it entertains, taking children on an extraordinary journey through a magical and adventurous world? "The Fox Knight: The Adventure Begins" is your ideal pick.

#ChildrensLiterature #FoxKnight #FantasyAdventure #MagicalTales #YouthReading #SpanishChildrensBooks #LearningThroughStories #InspiringYoungMinds #EnchantingNarratives


The Fox Knight 2 -Robert and the Gate to the Dragon World
 by Susanna Tinga

Robert and the Gate to the Dragon World": A Masterpiece of Fantasy, Finally Released!

This November, the long-awaited moment has arrived – after a period full of challenges and hard work, we are thrilled to announce the release of "Robert and the Gate to the Dragon World". It has been a strenuous journey for our team, but now it's accomplished, and we are proud to begin our marketing efforts.

The book, already published worldwide, is now available in most bookstores and, of course, as an e-book and in other digital formats. This release marks a significant milestone for our publishing house and is a testament to our dedication and passion for exceptional literature.

In "Robert and the Gate to the Dragon World", we follow our young hero, Robert, on a new, exciting adventure. In this sequel, Robert discovers a mysterious, old book at a market – a book only he can read. This book reveals the path to the Dragon World – a realm filled with mysteries and dangers that will test Robert's courage and resolve.

For those interested in learning more about Robert's journey into the Dragon World, we recommend visiting author Susanna Tinga's page on our website. There, you will find exclusive insights, background information about the book, and much more to enrich your reading experience.

"Robert and the Gate to the Dragon World" is not just another book in a series, but an adventure that pushes the boundaries of imagination and captivates readers of all ages. Get ready to enter a world of wonders and adventure that will linger in your memory. Visit your local bookstore today or download the e-book to be part of Robert's incredible journey!


Good Night Stories by Paul Kumou
>>>Pauls Trailer for the

"Good Night Stories" and "The Fox Knight": A Combined Triumph for Paul Kumou and Susanna Tinga

In the vibrant world of children's literature, a remarkable synergy has emerged between two outstanding authors: Paul Kumou with his "Good Night Stories" and Susanna Tinga with "The Fox Knight". The real success here doesn't lie in competition but in the complementary nature of their books, catering to families with children across a wide age range.

Paul Kumou's "Good Night Stories" are ideally suited for children aged 4 to 8 years. This collection of bedtime stories is specifically designed to lull younger children into sleep with gentle, imaginative tales. Each story is a little gem, crafted not just to soothe but also to spark creativity and wonder in young minds.

On the other hand, Susanna Tinga's "The Fox Knight" targets the 8 to 12-year-old age group. This book is an invitation to larger adventures, brimming with courage and discovery, perfect for children ready to delve into more complex and exciting narratives.

The beauty of this arrangement is that both authors collectively cater to a family with children in this broad age range. This means parents and caregivers can find something suitable for every child in the family, whether it's for shared reading times or for children to explore stories on their own.

This harmony between the works of Paul Kumou and Susanna Tinga is particularly delightful. It illustrates the diversity and enrichment that children's literature can bring, and how it supports families in nurturing a love for reading across different stages of development. Ultimately, it's this diversity and the shared goal of igniting a joy for reading that mark the true success of these talented authors.

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Good Night Stories for Book lovers

Thanks To Our Book Lovers

Dear Book Lovers and Fans of Our Work at Drexler Consulting Publishing,

We want to seize this special moment to share our exciting news with you and express our deepest gratitude. The year 2023 has been a milestone filled with literary successes for us, highlighted by releases like "Robert and the Gate to the Dragon World" and "Good Night Stories".

Your steadfast support as our readers and fans is the driving force behind our pursuit of literary excellence. It's your enthusiasm for our books that inspires and motivates us to continue creating outstanding literature.

Our thanks also go to our authors, whose creativity and dedication enrich our working environment. Their talent and passion are the cornerstones of our publishing success.

Looking forward, we have set an ambitious goal to make all our books available in at least 10 languages next year. Our desire is to bridge cultures and make our stories accessible to a global audience.

What do you think of this endeavor? How important is multilingual literature to you? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to explore and enrich the world of books together.

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A Week of Success: Celebrating 1000 Followers and the Timeless Value of Books!! 

Hello, Book Lovers!

We've just wrapped up our first week on Facebook and what a week it's been! We're thrilled to announce that we've reached an incredible milestone of 1000 followers. This achievement is not just a number; it's a testament to the enduring value of books in today's digital world.

We firmly believe that nothing compares to the direct experience of reading a book - holding it in your hands, feeling its pages, and getting lost in its story. Each of you knows and loves the scent of a new book, the smooth feel of its pages, and the vibrant colors of a printed cover.

As we celebrate this fantastic start, we're reminded of our commitment to you: to tirelessly work on bringing you the joy of new books for the long term. We're here to ensure that this unique experience, this love for books, continues to thrive in the hearts of readers everywhere.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your support means the world to us and motivates us to keep publishing books that touch hearts and ignite imaginations.

Here's to many more books, stories, and shared moments of reading pleasure!

Warm regards,
Drexler Consulting Publishing

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Drexler Consulting Publishing: Empowering Emerging Authors

At Drexler Consulting Publishing, our mission is to support young, passionate authors who are yet to make their mark in the literary world. We believe that you don't always need the backing of a major publishing house, especially when the entry barriers are so high for newcomers.

Don't let the challenges discourage you. Remember, the journey itself is the destination.

Stay tuned! Our upcoming handbook will provide concise and clear guidelines on the myriad of opportunities available to gain recognition for your work. Your voice deserves to be heard, and we're here to help you amplify it.


The Fox Knight by Susanna Tinga

Dive into the imaginative world of "The Fox Knight," penned by the talented Susanna Tinga. With her unique and humorous writing style that deeply resonates with children, Susanna brings to life the adventures of Robert, the knight, and his ever-hungry hamster, Timo.

The universe of "The Fox Knight" was so expansive and captivating that we decided to reboot it, transforming it into a series promising endless adventures. A central ethos of this series is the importance of a sense of accomplishment for children - the satisfaction of completing an adventure and eagerly anticipating the next installment.

With Susanna Tinga at the helm, we've realized this vision. Children can now embark on enchanting journeys with Robert and Timo, laugh at their antics, and learn from their tales. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions and adventures that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next episode.


Good Night Stories by Paul Kumou

Dive into the enchanting world of Paul Kumou's "Good Night Stories". This book series, which begins with the captivating volume "Adventures", takes young readers on a journey through dreamlike realms where imagination and reality intertwine. Each story is meticulously crafted to transport children into the land of dreams while imparting valuable life lessons.

Paul Kumou not only showcases his prowess as a storyteller but also his dedication to providing children with a heartwarming and inspiring bedtime tale. While "Adventures" is just the beginning, more volumes are already in the works, set to explore equally enthralling themes.

"Good Night Stories" is more than just a series of books - it's a promise of unforgettable adventures awaiting young readers at the end of each day. We are thrilled by Paul's commitment and anticipate strong sales for this exceptional series.

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Drexler Consulting Publishing: Your Partner in Authorial Success

In the diverse world of book publishing, our top priority is to support authors at every stage of their journey.
At Drexler Consulting Publishing, we recognize the challenges, especially faced by newcomer authors.

logo drexler consulting publishing

We understand that providing individual care and support for every single author isn't always feasible. This isn't due to a lack of commitment on our part, but rather the sheer volume of talents seeking a platform to be heard. However, this doesn't mean we aren't dedicated to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to thrive.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between what traditional publishing services can offer and the needs of emerging authors. In anticipation of this, we're developing a specialized course aimed at teaching authors the skills they need to market their works independently and bolster their presence in the book market.

In addition to this upcoming course, we continuously offer updated resources on our website, freely accessible to all authors. It's our commitment to ensure that, regardless of your level of experience, you always find the support and information you need.

At Drexler Consulting Publishing, you're not just another author; you're a valued member of our community. And we're here to accompany you on your path to success.


"Stay Updated: With Drexler Consulting Publishing!!"

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