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Beyond the Stars: The Courageous Heart of the Snake Riders

"Snake Riders" propels readers into a captivating future where the cosmos is a playground of endless possibilities and perilous encounters. At the heart of this saga is the mercenary ship Gladius, helmed by the fearless Captain Frog. This unique spacecraft and its diverse crew of misfits and geniuses navigate the fringes of known space, sustained by jobs that often skirt the edge of legality.

The plot thickens dramatically when the crew intercepts an encrypted message that catapults them on a mission of unprecedented scale: to reclaim the stolen Kastral sword of the Kletakanians. This sword isn't merely a valuable artifact; it's a cultural linchpin whose loss has deeply impacted the Kletakanian people.

Comprising the universe's most gifted individuals, including the tech prodigy Zoe, the dauntless warrior Milo, and the enigmatic spy Finn, the Gladius crew embarks on the adventure. Their journey takes them through dangerous asteroid fields, to hidden worlds, and pits them against dubious traders and feared pirates, all vying for the powerful Kastral sword.

"Snake Riders" is a tale of courage, honor, and the indomitable power of camaraderie that prevails even in the universe's darkest corners. It's an epic space adventure that sends readers on an emotional rollercoaster, filled with breathtaking space battles, profound character development, and the inevitable triumph of good over evil.

The book's thematic depth explores the significance of identity, belonging, and the endless pursuit of knowledge and truth. It questions what it means to be a hero and how often the true battles are not external but internal. The Gladius crew, each with their own past and demons, learns that true strength comes from overcoming personal fears and insecurities, and that the greatest victories are often those won within ourselves.

"Snake Riders" is not just a voyage through space but also a journey into the heart of humanity. With each page, the book nurtures young readers' imaginations, encouraging them to think beyond their confines and explore the boundless expanses of the universe. Through vivid storytelling and charismatic characters, M.D. Johnsen invites readers into an unforgettable adventure that proves the era of children's and young adult literature in the science fiction genre will never end.

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Snake Riders -The hunt for the castral sword

The mercenary ship Gladius, under the fearless Captain Frog, flies through space, funded by jobs on the edge of legality. An encrypted message leads the crew on an unprecedented mission: to recover the stolen Kastral sword of the Kletakanians, a cultural centerpiece and artifact of immeasurable value.

Comprised of the brilliant tech prodigy Zoe, the dauntless warrior Milo, and the mysterious spy Finn, the crew plunges into the adventure. Their path is lined with dubious dealers and dreaded pirates, all vying for the Kastral sword for themselves.

The Snake Riders unfolds an epic tale of courage, honor, and the power of camaraderie that endures even in the darkest corners of the universe.

Drexler Consulting is thrilled to present a captivating space adventure for children and young adults, the latest masterpiece in our portfolio. We proudly welcome M.D. Johnsen, our newest addition to the author lineup, who, with this thrilling adventure through the vastness of space, proves that the era of children's and young adult literature in the science fiction genre will never end. This book takes young readers on an extraordinary journey, where they will discover the importance of courage, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Accompanied by charismatic characters and set in a story full of suspense and science, this work offers a perfect blend of entertainment and inspiring message.

M.D. Johnsen brings a breath of fresh air to the world of children's and young adult literature and invites readers to an unforgettable adventure with his vivid narrative style. Each page is filled with moments of insight and wonder, encouraging young readers to think beyond the horizon and explore the infinite possibilities of the future.


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