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Drexler Consulting: Ā§Learning from Experience and MistakesĀ§

In the ever-evolving business landscape, encountering obstacles and challenges is not uncommon. At Drexler Consulting, we take pride in actively working on and being involved in several projects that can be viewed as real-life feasibility studies. Instead of merely theorizing scenarios, we bring them to life. We work diligently, face challenges head-on, and yes, sometimes even spend hours at the police station due to being deceived.

Our experiences haven't always been positive, but they've always been enlightening. We've dealt with unscrupulous business partners who have cheated and robbed us. However, rather than being disheartened by these setbacks, we've used them as opportunities for learning and growth. Our utmost priority is to be transparent about our missteps and to share how we've ultimately navigated around them.

Our mission is to ensure that you benefit from our experiences and avoid the pitfalls we've encountered. We aim to equip you with the knowledge to sidestep deceitful business interactions right from the outset.

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Best regards,
Markus D., Consulant

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Note from Markus D. Consulant:

Dear readers,

It's essential to understand that in the business world, things don't always go as planned. There are scammers and swindlers, and often it feels like we can't do anything against them. But instead of feeling defeated, we should consider how we can bypass them and take matters into our own hands, doing things correctly and legally. If enough of us take this route, things will change, as these fraudsters will lose their livelihood.

A prime example is our own website. Had the programmer done what I instructed, he could now have control over our entire site. Instead, we decided to do it ourselves, saving not only money but also gaining invaluable experience. It's astonishing how many "professionals" didn't respond or wasted our time with unnecessary discussions. Our CEO was looking for a straightforward solution, and a landing page like "The Fox Knight" for 100 euros would have been entirely sufficient. But spending hours discussing the design of such a page is a sheer waste of time. It's like buying potatoes: You don't spend hours discussing the shape of the potato; you simply take it, cut off the unnecessary parts, and you're done.

Let's be wise, learn, and move forward!

Best regards,
Markus.D, Consulant